• CUTTERS 2010

    Cutters 2010, a group exhibition curated by James Gallagher, reaffirms the new recognition of collage that has come about of late, featuring new and recent collage works by thirteen international artists. Collage is in no way a new medium, having been practiced popularly for the past few centuries and less popularly for many before that; however as today‘s world edges closer to chaos, inundated with imagery and information, collage enjoys a newly found place among necessary outlets of expression.

    The exhibition features works by: April Gertler, Brion Nuda Rosch, Cless, Erik Foss, James Gallagher, Justin Mortimer, Jason Glasser, Liam Crockard, Mario Wagner, Matt Lipps, Max-O-Matic, Sophie Kern, Valero Doval

    Cutters 2010: An Exhibition of International Collage
    Curated by James Gallagher
    Pool Gallery
    Tucholskystraße 38 / Ecke Auguststraße 10117 Berlin
    Exhibition: 12 May – 15 July, 2010

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