This issue of Elephant travels from São Paulo to Tel Aviv, via LA and Cologne, talking to visual arts legends such as artist Ramond Pettibon and photographer Miron Zownir and icon builders and destroyers such as art director Tom Hingston, painter Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz, paper sculptor Jeff Nishinaka and conceptual artist Thomas Demand. We get scissors and glue out of the drawer and revisit the phenomenon of collage, taking a close look at how a variety of artists, commercial and not so commercial, are using it to create new realities. Collage artists include Cless, Liam Crockard, Valero Doval, James Gallagher, Eva Lake, Brion Nuda Rosch and Mario Wagner. After all this activity, we head to Berlin, where we spend some quality time with the likes of Kim Hiorthøy, Frank Hülsbömer and Fons Schiedon.

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