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    From Gestalten TV:
    "The New York-based artist James Gallagher is a master of contemporary collage. As the curator of the Cutters exhibition, which has toured New York, Berlin and is now on show at the West Cork Arts Centre in Ireland, and co-editor of Gestalten's Cutting Edges, he is also helping define a new generation of outstanding artists and illustrators who are rediscovering an art form with an outstanding tradition. Although collage is not so much about what's in the picture but rather what's left out, we couldn't resist putting James Gallagher into the picture of our latest Gestalten.tv video interview."

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    The two works "A Woman Draped" and "Brief 1" by collage artist James Gallagher are now up for auction on Artnet Auctions. Get info or place a bid!

    Reminder: The current group show Cutters/Cork curated by James Gallagher at West Cork Arts Centre in Ireland still runs till March 12, 2011. Featuring the work of more than 50 international artists including Gallagher himself, Gallagher has brought them all together in the third edition of Cutters, after New York and Berlin at pool gallery.

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