EVERYBODY ELSE / Collage by James Gallagher
September 9 - October 8 / Opening September 9, 6-9PM
Jolie Laide Gallery 224 N. Juniper St. Philadelphia, PA 19107
Performance by The Inner Banks, 8PM
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 6PM

Jolie Laide Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Philadelphia for New York-based collage artist James Gallagher. This gathering of very recent works (mostly from 2011) operates in the space between the unintentional artifacts of the studio and the deliberately cut and pasted images Gallagher’s been honing for ten years. In light of the abundance of digitally driven and overly produced images surrounding us, something about the apparent quickness in the practice, in the turnover of cut paper - to ground - to wall encouraged the curatorial posture of embracing the studio/ gallery bond. Within this initial frame, an idea of portraiture holds the selected works together in an attempt to name what Gallagher can tell us about the individual, ourselves – and everybody else.

Eileen Neff, Curator

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All images © James Gallagher 2014