Changing your domain name

Forwarding your Domain Name

If you have already registered a domain name through registrars such as Go Daddy or Network Solutions or some other Registrar, and would like to have your own URL show up and/or link to your website instead of, You will need to contact your Registrar to ask them how to change or customize host Cname or A records. The records that should be changed are '*' and 'www', For these records, you should put in

TIP:Some registrars also provide a similar and easier to use service to this called website forwarding.

You will also need to notify us that you've done this.


You will not need to purchase hosting space from an additional provider.


Currently Artcode does not provide full email support, so when you're shopping for your domain name, if you would like to have email at that domain name, look for a registrar that will provide you with a free email address!