What to expect when you're expecting (a website)

Although we're trying to make Artcode as absolutely easy and user-friendly as possible, as with anything of value, it will take some time to put your project together. You will be creating and designing a website, which no matter how easy we make it will take time and focus to get it how you want it. The most time-intensive parts of making a website with us are the process of uploading and organizing your content, and designing the look and feel of your site. Exactly how long these things take depends on, for content, how prepared and organized your content already is, and of course how much there is, and for design, how far you want to deviate from the templates and style-sets we have available, and how clear of an idea you have of how you want your website to look. The substantial design flexibility we have built into Artcode is meant to be helpful, but can also be overwhelming if not used wisely. And don't forget that we're always here to help!