Navigating Your Admin

Once You've successfully logged into your Artcode administration system you will be looking at the Home (main admin) page, you will see that your Home page is divided into a few different sections.

The top gray bar

The top gray bar of your browser window has a 'navigation' menu that pops open when your mouse is over it. This allows you easy access into some of the more highly used sections of the admin. On the right hand side of this bar you will see the Username you are logged in with. If you need to access this documentation page while you're using your website, click on the 'Documentation' link. To quickly change your password click on 'Change Password' to the right of that and finally, Click 'Log Out' if you want to leave the admin and/or log in as a different user.


Not visible on the Home page, but easily recognizable in every other page on your admin, you will notice a lighter gray bar, below the top gray bar. This bar will show you a trail of clickable links leading you back Home. These 'breadcrumbs' will show you what section of the admin you are in currently (the item furthest to the right from home) along with any other sections that might be relevant to that section on your way back home.