Search Engine Optimization

That's just geek-speak for improving the ability for people to find your website online. This is a fairly complicated subject that lots of 'experts' charge a lot of money to 'do', but it is not an exact science. There are complex algorithms that search engines use to determine the results list and rank order for any given search. These formulas are based on a variety of things, some of which are within your realm of control and some not. One of the main things is to add keywords to your website in the proper place. Search engines look for those keywords, which they then use to 'index' your website. We have made a place in the Artcode admin for you to add keywords for your site. From the admin home page, click 'Site settings' on the right, under 'Settings'. Enter any keywords that you want associated to your site in the box there labeled "Site Keywords". You can put anything here, and there is no limit on how many keywords you can put. Just keep in mind that these should be terms that you would want people to find your site with, if they did a search using any of those terms. Also keep in mind though, that these keywords are no 'silver bullet' - they will only help you be found under those search terms, not guarantee it.

Other things you can do to help the search ranking of your website is: Link to a lot of other websites from your site, have as many websites link to your site as you can, tell everyone you know to visit your website and submit your URL to search engines.

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