q: Will I be able to have my own domain name?
a: Yes, if you register one. We don't offer domain registration services, so you'll need to register one on your own. We'll walk you through the easy steps of having a domain name pointed to your Artcode site, once you've signed up. The default setup is to have your website as a subdomain of Artcode (i.e. yourname.artcodeinc.com), and you can leave it that way, or point your own domain name to our servers.

q: Is Artcode only for artists?
a: Artcode was designed primarily with visual artists in mind, so managing and displaying groups of images has been a central part of our design efforts. However, anyone that needs an affordable, easy-to-maintain website might find Artcode to be a great solution for their needs. Check out some of our sample sites and see.

q: What if I already have a website?
a: No problem. We can help you transfer your current site to our host, or you can ditch your old one completely and start over with us. If you already have a database-driven website, talk to us about possibly migrating your data over to our site automatically.

q: What if I have a domain name already but that's it?
a: All you'll need to do is contact the company you registered your domain with and have them point it to your new site with us. We'll give you exact instructions.

q: What if I don't have a domain name or anything?
a: Upon signing up for Artcode we'll walk you through the process of registering a domain, and the Artcode service includes website hosting. It's a very quick and easy process.

q: Are there limits to the amount of pages and section I can create for my site? Or limits on how many images (and other media - soon) I can upload?
a: There are virtually no limits to the amount of pages and sections you can create on your site, or images and/or other digital media you can upload. You will technically have a limit, based on the amount of server space, but it is plentiful, and even in the unlikely case that you use it all, you can just talk to us about getting more.

q: Should I buy Artcode now or wait for later versions that might be better?
a: ArtCode will continually evolve as we make system improvements and add new features. All upgrades will be incorporated into every existing Artcode site administration as they are released - for no additional charge.

q: How limited will I be in the design of the site?
a: You'll have several design templates to start with, and within each of those you can make substantial customizations. With each new upgrade we make to the ArtCode software, you'll find even more flexibility in customizing your website. You'll also have the ability to save different designs and customizations you make, to create a library of personal designs to choose from at any time.

q: What if I love Artcode, but don't want to spend the time customizing my website to exactly how I want it?
a: Artcode works closely with Art Design Office, a comprehensive studio able to satisfy a broad range of design needs, with a particular expertise in web solutions. Let them know what you're looking for and that you're an Artcode customer.

q: What if I get started with Artcode and then later decide to do something totally different for my website?
a: We play nice. You won't be contractually locked into Artcode, so you're free to leave at any time, and we can help you protect your data and export your database for future use.

q: I have a question that wasn't answered in this faq. How do I contact you?
a: Send us an email at info@artcodeinc.com and we'd be happy to answer any other questions you have.